Preventing against a possible home invasion Info

Homeowners are susceptible to a variety of crimes. One of the most disturbing offenses that have been committed on homeowners is the crime of home invasion. So traumatic is a home invasion that when some home invasions occur, the homeowners never recover from them.I strongly suggest you to visit this resource to learn more about this.

Home invasion is not as clear cut as burglary, but it is similar. A burglary occurs when a person enters a home with the intent to commit a theft. A home invasion occurs when someone enters a private dwelling with the intent to commit a crime.

One of the problems with home invasions, for Americans, is that it is not considered a crime in all of the fifty states. Only some states consider it a crime.

Instead of home invasion, the criminal is charged with robbery, kidnapping, assault or some other offense. However, the heads of police departments and criminologists, in various cities, say that evidence proves that people entering private homes and threatening residents of those homes is increasing in many areas. The incidents of home invasions have increased since 1995.

Home invasions are becoming enough of a problem that the crime is getting renewed recognition and consideration. For example, carjackings and church arson were not a crime in the past. However, carjackings became a federal crime in 1992 and church arson became a federal crime in 1996.

Instead of people entering businesses with the intent to commit a crime, they are entering homes. This is because it is getting harder to rob banks and stores because of advanced technology that occurs with security monitoring systems.

Homeowners are interested in tools that can be used to fight home invasions. One of those tools is home security monitoring systems. These devices can be independently or professionally installed. When they are professionally installed there are a number of benefits that will keep a homeowner safe. Now a homeowner can be provided with the same level of security that businesses have been enjoying.

One of the most recent incidents of home invasion, and one of the most famous, occurred in 2007. Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor was murdered during a home invasion in his Miami home. It is stories like these that have helped the American public become aware of the dangers of home invasions.

With dealer installed home security monitoring systems, the homeowner can turn off and turn on the system as needed. Some homeowners are choosing to keep the helpful devices on even when they are home. When a person invades a home after impersonating a repairman, a salesman, a policeman, a deliver person and more, the home security monitory system serves as another pair of eyes. In worse case scenarios of rape, or torture, and also in cases of murder, these systems have been a significant help to law enforcement. If a weapon is pulled on you and you are burglarized on the spot, the image can be recorded for the police. The most common places for home invaders to intrude are through the front door and through the garage.