Pedestrian and Runner Tips to Help Prevent Injury

Unfortunately throughout the state of Arizona, many runners and pedestrians are hit by vehicles. Many runners and pedestrians are lucky, in a way, to have escaped with their lives. Far too often, families must endure the loss of a loved one who was killed by a car while out running or walking. Most times, runners and pedestrians are not at fault for the injuries they sustained. Instead, they were out for their run, doing something they enjoyed, when they were seriously injured by a driver not paying attention. It is necessary not only for pedestrian and runners to follow the law of the road, but also for drivers to follow the law so automobile accidents with runners and pedestrians can be avoided in more here.

For families that suffer from the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of an automobile driver, nothing will help bring that runner or pedestrian back to life.

All pedestrians, runners and walkers must take every step necessary to avoid an injury, and it is best to assume that the cars on the road will not behave appropriately. True or untrue, fair or unfair, this may be an assumption that can save a life.

Below are a few pointers that should help pedestrians and runners in Arizona avoid some accidents that can cause serious injury. Of course, sometimes no matter what the pedestrian or runner does to avoid the car accident, the automobile driver will still hit them and cause injury. Also, if a driver of an automobile hits a pedestrian or runner and they were not following the below safety measures, that does not negate the fault of the automobile driver. Automobile drivers have to drive safely and negligent behavior is still the driver’s fault. That being said, these safety measures might help a runner or pedestrian avoid injury by an otherwise careless driver.

Wear reflective clothing – It is always a good idea to wear reflective clothing when going outside at dawn, nighttime or dusk. Reflective clothing will allow automobile drivers the ability to see a runner or pedestrian sooner than they otherwise would have, especially if the driver is not paying 100% attention to the roadway. Also, it is important to wear bright clothing during the day when running or walking outside so that drivers are more likely to see you. Many avid runners forget that running is actually dangerous because of all the careless drivers out there, so even if you are someone who runs all the time – wearing reflective clothing is still very important. Although the likelihood of being injured from a percentage basis may not be that high based on statistics, for those that run and walk outside every day, the likelihood of becoming an injury victim from a careless driver increases each day that you are running or walking outside.
If you are able to, walk or run on the sidewalk – Many times people choose to walk on the roadway when there is a sidewalk available. It is best to run or walk on the left side of the road so that way you will have a better chance to anticipate and react to vehicles if they are not paying attention and were to hit you.
Practice “defensive running” – When you are running or walking outside, run or walk with the attitude that vehicles are not going to see you.
Make eye contact – Try to make eye contact with the driver of the vehicle especially when you are at an intersection or a stop sign. Many drivers do not look when they are going to make a right hand turn, do not look to their right before making a left hand turn, or do not look when they are at a stop sign and are going to make a right hand turn. If you are running or a pedestrian and you see that the driver is going to make a right had turn, try to make eye contact with them. Many Arizona car accidents happen with runners and pedestrians when drivers of automobiles are taking a right hand turn and have not looked again to see the runner or pedestrian is at the corner, and as a result the vehicle hits the runner or pedestrian.
Again, the fact that there are some steps that can be taken to try to reduce the chances of being involved in a serious accident, this does not make it full proof that you will not be hit by a vehicle when you are running or are a pedestrian. We hope that by writing this information to share with you that it will save even one person from being injured.