Keeping Away Roadside Distractions

Car accidents are one of the leading killers in America. Nobody on the road is safe from an accident. However, there are common influences that lead to car crashes every day. Driver distractions are one of these common accident causes. Even a two second glance away from the wheel gives you enough time to miss the car that has stopped in front of you or the pedestrian crossing the road. By knowing the most common driving distractions and how to avoid them you can make the road a safer place.

Avoid These Common Driving Distractions

· Taking your eyes off the road: Looking at accidents, roadside scenery, or an interesting sign are all forms of “rubbernecking” and can result in tragic accidents. It is important you work to keep your eyes on the road ahead at all times. Find additional information at common driving distractions and how to avoid them

· In car distractions: Passengers can be highly distracting. Avoid passionate or in depth conversations with your passengers. If you have rowdy children in the backseat it is important you stop the car to try and calm them down.

· Eating and drinking while driving: spilled drinks or food is a leading cause of driver distraction that leads to accidents. This is very likely in the morning hours, when a spilled coffee means a dirty shirt all day at work. It is usually a fast and common reaction to instantly try and wipe up spills, so avoid having to curb that instinct by not eating or drinking in the car in the first place.

· Playing DJ: Switching radio dials, changing CDs and singing or dancing along with your car tunes can be highly distracting. The noise can keep you from hearing important warnings from other vehicles, and the decision making and movement of your hands severely limits your ability to react to changes on the road. All these distractions are within your complete control as the vehicle operator. By practicing self control and making a conscious effort to become a better driver you can aid in the overall well being of all others on the road, as well as yourself.