Best times to travel to Costa Rica- Traveler Safety

Violent crime exists in every society. Costa Rica is a safe place to bring your family or to travel alone. Most crime is property theft and pick-pocket oriented theft.

Make sure that you leave your Rolex at home. Do not keep your wallet in your back pocket. Keep it in your front pocket. Do not place valuables in backpacks slung over your shoulder.Feel free to visit their website at read more info here for more details.

Many places are perfectly safe to walk at night. Others are not. Ask a local. Beaches have rip tides. A riptide is narrow. If caught in a riptide swim parallel to the shore for a short distance until you no longer feel it pulling you away from shore. Salt water is easy to float in. Don’t freak out!

Sharks are prevalent in certain areas of both the Pacific and Caribbean.

Sharks are of concern for fishermen and surfers primarily. If you are not a pro ask about the area you plan to visit. Some of the island’s around Costa Rica have huge populations of sharks.

Costa Rica is just north of the Equator. Use sunscreen liberally and drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids while in the elements. I know, now I sound like your mother! Taxi’s have meters. Many unofficial taxi’s ply their services in the country. Prior to any trip anywhere, agree on the price before you get in the taxi unless they are using the meter. Many taxi’s do not use their meters.

Most hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfast’s provide transportation from the airport and are valuable resources to identify the fair cost from one place to another when using taxi services.